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Membership in KYSHRM is an automatic benefit once you join a local SHRM Chapter. As a statewide umbrella organization and directly affiliated with the national SHRM chapter, KYSHRM’s mission is to promote the advancement of HR by supporting chapters, energizing and engaging members, and collaborating as a State Advocate with external partners. Our 40+ volunteers give of their time, energy, and expertise to advocate key HR initiatives advancing the HR profession and impacting the bottom line of Kentucky employers.

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Bluegrass SHRM

Lexington Area (#0365)

Central Kentucky SHRM

Danville/Harrodsburg Area (#0396)

Elizabethtown SHRM

Elizabethtown Area (#0652)

Four Rivers SHRM

Paducah Area (#536)

Louisville SHRM

Louisville Area (#0073)

Mid-South SHRM

Franklin Area (#0655)

Mid-West SHRM

Madisonville Area (#0714)

Northern Kentucky SHRM

Covington/Florence Area (#0548)

Owensboro SHRM

Owensboro Area (#0103)

Southeastern Kentucky SHRM

Somerset/London/Corbin Area (#0684)

Southern Kentucky SHRM

Bowling Green Area (#0410)

Western Kentucky SHRM

Hopkinsville Area (#0385)